First whisper through irc doesn't work unless conversation already established

I have an issue with sending whispers via irc socket. I am sending the whisper from my own user, not a “bot”.

PRIVMSG #jtv :/w user message

The above command doesn’t work when sending to a user I haven’t already whispered in the past.

If I whisper someone via the browser, initialising the whisper “conversation” then send a whisper via the irc, it works fine. But if I try whispering someone for the first time through irc it fails to actually go through to them.

Not sure if this is intentional or I need to do something else via irc first to initialise the “conversation”?

Any help would be appreciated.


Perhaps this is an issue with the privacy option to block whispers from strangers?
“Block whispers from people you don’t follow” in the Security & Privacy part of Twitch settings.

But ye personally speaking if the person issued a command through chat the bot should just reply through the same chat the command was issued on. Thus if a user issues a command through a whisper you can reply it as a whisper, which then also initialise the whisper conversation for you. Main reason is clarity and expectations, many ppl don’t see initial whispers and there are people around (like myself) that use external chat programs that might not be able to receive whispers initially.

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Like ocgineer said, keep the replies in the same chat. Replying to public chat commands in a whisper is poor UX for both the user who used the command and others who read the chat. “They’re using commands, but not getting replies?” “I used it but didn’t get a reply?” People often don’t see they’ve been whispered until hours or even days later. At that point, they might have already forgot they requested the information and report the bot for unsolicited spam.

Please reply in the same place the command was issued in. Always.

I’ve experienced the same issue that ryanjuk is experiencing, and although Ocgineer and 3ventic answers are useful for bot developers, they don’t address the issue itself. Not everyone is programming bots that respond to commands, IRC chat is useful for users too.

Is this the normal behaviour of IRC whispers from now on?

I did mention a possible issue, with the new? privacy option, in advance to my own view on whispering.

If you make an IRC client it shouldn’t be caught by the spam filter, as people use their own accounts and probably are sending normal unique messages. But like bots they can be caught as a same account sends out probably similiar messages and that triggers the filter. In that case you want to let Twitch whitelist your bot account.

If you make an IRC client, you should be using the documented way of handling whispers, pubsub.

I’ve never used the PubSub API before, but looking at the documentation it seems that only allows the client to listen to incoming whispers, and I have no problem receiving whispers in IRC with the group membership capability. How do you actually send them?

I’m also experiencing the same issue, the first whisper is not sent from IRC. Is there some work around for this?

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