Get Followed Streams endpoint required parameter

I was wondering why the ‘user_id’ parameter was required when making calls to the ‘Get Followed Streams’ endpoint since it explicitely requires an user token.

I know getting the ‘user_id’ is as simple as just validating the token but it seems redundant.

It’s consistent with other endpoints that user a User Specific Token with a requried query parameter.

As to why it’s required.

Not sure, it’s not likely a staffer will notice and chime in.

Thanks for the lightning fast reply Barry.

I guess I’ll just cache the user_id when I periodically validate the token.

I’d probably just

  • use token against users API (as that doesn’t need parameters) to get ID / display
  • then call get followed streams to get follows streams with the ID form the previous call

Then I’m just storing the token. And use the call to get users as a validate.

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