Get Stream Tags Endpoint no longer returning tags

Since the switch to custom tags instead of predefined ones, it seems like the “Get Stream Tags” endpoint is only returning automatically added tags (or tags that had been set before the switchover).

Is there a plan to address this with an update to the endpoint (Or the “Get Streams” endpoint, just adding a Tags field)?

There is an expected update to the API for tags.

This update has not occured yet.

There should be an announcement about it on the forums and/or social media (@TwitchDev on Twitter) and/or the Documetnation change log when this occurs Changelog | Twitch Developers

Great, thanks! Are you able to give any sort of rough ETA on that (I’m assuming no)?

There is no ETA no.

That move once again is super annoying and anti 3rd party development.

Obviously, twitch has their own private endpoints for this, so why bother offering anything in time to developers?

Was the feature so extremely important that it couldn’t wait for the api?

It’s beyond me that there isn’t even an eta when so many stream announcement bots and promotion systems for small streamers rely on it.


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