Get streams/followed without user_read?


I’d like to get live streams of channels the user is following.
However that endpoint requires the user_read scope and I have no interest of the users email so would prefer to not ask for it upon authentication.

I could work around it and hit /kraken/channels/<channel ID>/follows, grab all ids then check against /kraken/streams which doesn’t require any authentication. But if there already is a dedicated endpoint to get the live streams the user is already following I’d prefer to use that, without asking for their email.

Maybe we can get a new user_following scope to request such information?
Or maybe make /kraken/streams/followed not require user_read ?

The get-channel-followers endpoint gets the users that follow a channel, not the channels that a user follows. The endpoint you want is get-user-follows which gets the channels that a user follows which does not require an oauth token or a scope.

You’re right @six, my bad.
But my question remains. Why not let us hit get-followed-streams without user_read scope. When we still can get that info by using get-user-follows to grab the follows, then check those against get-live-streams :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t have that answer. Keep in mind there will be a lot more overhead by needing to make an extra request per channel that a user follows. Personally, I would prompt the user for the user_read scope since it’s not intrusive and is required by many other endpoints as well.

Great question. I’ve raised a ticket to investigate if this is necessary. I’m guessing it is an artifact of a time long, long ago when we returned some sensitive data in this endpoint (email, maybe?) and then removed it. I’ll keep you posted! :slight_smile:


@DallasNChains Any update? :slight_smile:

Bump to prevent auto closing of this topic. Any news?

It’s on the backlog but no work has been done with it yet. I’ll keep you posted!

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