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Hello !
Why when am I getting videos from user_id, I get some videos that stream_id is “1”. Can someone explain me that ?

And, btw, where can I see the difference between the types of videos ? such upload, archive or highlight

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That would be the type parameter returned in the payload.

If the source video that that video (like when it’s a highlight and the original stream) is from no longer exists then you get a 1 (probably should be null/zero but it’s a 1)

Hello Barry! Thanks for the quick answer.

About the type, I know that is returned in the payload. But what is the difference ? When is a past stream, is a “upload” or an “archive” ? I would like to know if there is some pattern/doc about the differences between that types

A recording of a live stream is a archive
An upload is a video that was uploaded via the dashboard.
A highlight is a section of another video that was copied out (like a looooong clip)

Why when am I pass the param period equal day , am I getting videos created at 2 weeks ago ?

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