GetClips endpoint for ASMR returns empty data

I am trying to request 1 clip at a time from different Twitch categories using the getClips endpoint. I have tested a few categories such as Overwatch, League of Legends etc and I am able to request 1 clip at a time using the “first” parameter. I tried doing this with the ASMR category (id=509659) and was met with an empty data response {data: , pagination: }. The ASMR category is the only category that seems to do this from my testing. I have also tried to request 2 clips. Same result. Requesting 3 clips returns 2 clips and then finally requesting 4 clips returns the 4 expected clips. I am very confused and wondering if it is my fault. But seeing as though it works normally with all other categories tested. I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated

def getTwitchClips(bearer):
    headers = {
        'Authorization': f'Bearer {bearer}',
        'Client-Id': client_id,
        'accept-language': '',
    link = f'{id}&first=1&started_at=2024-01-01T00:00:00.00Z&ended_at=2024-01-30T00:00:00.00Z'
        response = requests.get(link, headers=headers)
    except requests.exceptions.HTTPError as err:
        raise SystemExit(err)
    except requests.exceptions.RequestException as err:
        raise SystemExit(err)
    data = response.json()

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