Getting Hosting Messages

Hi there, it is my understanding that in order to get messages about Host information (not raids) that you must be logged in as the streamer. When logged in as the streamer, you will get an IRC PRIVMSG X is hosting you with Y viewers.

Since there’s no documentation on this anywhere that I can find, I was wondering if anyone can confirm that it’s true?

And given that it is true, how do you log in to IRC as the streamer? I assume there must be some set of permissions you can request that allows you to do this because I know there are bots that are able to get this information.

Thank you for any help.

Ok so I’ve figure out that all I need is to use an oauth token with the chat_login scope as the password and it’s all set.

For another question: Is there any way to change the displayed name of my irc connection? I would assume that twitch has it that so that you’re not able to change what name you show as so you can’t fake being someone else or something. Does that mean if I wanted to be able to view chat the broadcaster perspective to get those host messages, but talk under a different name, that I would need to be running two different instance connections? Or is there someway in the IRC connection to designate a different name while still having access to the privilege of seeing the special host message?

You need to use two connections in order to use two accounts/names.

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