Getting recent followers/hosts/viewers/subs

for a personal project I have been working on a bot. The docs for the API has helped me alot but is there a good way to get the most recent follows/hosts/subs and current viewers. I know bots do this because I see it all the time.

EDIT:I am doing chat through IRC, is there a way this might help?

Hi there,

There is no endpoint that will serve this to you unless you work for it. I’ll give you some more info:

Followers and Subscribers
To get the recent followers you will need to pull the Follows from the API and look for new entries The same goes for Subscribers.

Host messages is sent through the HOSTTARGET if you require


Starting of a host would show like HOSTTARGET #hosting_channel :target_channel [number]

while ending a host would be HOSTTARGET #hosting_channel :- [number]

for more info about this, please look at the IRC documentation

This is undocumented in the official documentation, but hosts can also be retrived here:{id} for users hosting your channel{id} for what channel you are hosting

{id} is of course the _id field from /users/ or /channels/.

as posted about here

Chatters joining and leaving the chat is sent as JOIN and PART if you require


users joining the channel will be shown as

:twitch_username! JOIN #channel

while leaving the channel is shown as

:twitch_username! PART #channel

There is also an undocumented call for this under{CHANNEL}/chatters

where {CHANNEL} is your target channel.

Hope this helped you out some.


Thank you I really do appreciate it! I think this will help. I will post any questions if I have any.

EDIT: This all worked and I have no questions.

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