Getting the chat message ID of a redemption

Am I correct in the assumption that if I want to get the chat message ID of a redemption input I have to also look at incoming chat messages?

The thing is that I want the redemption to trigger things like TTS, but if you remove the message it should stop playing the TTS, this is easily done with chat messages ID, but that info is not part of the redemption pubsub API if I am correct, so would have to keep check on both chat messages and the redemption pubsub API for redemptions as I also want to trigger things off redemptions that don’t have input.

Then yeah for your use case you want to TTS system to monitor chat for the Redemption instead.

Or rather than having mods delete the message mods timeout that user instead and you can use the userID in the timeout to match the userID of the redemption currently being played. (even if that timeout is a purge/1 second timeout)

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