Getting User Information with my extension

I am working on a new game extension -this is the first time I upload one-

But I am wondering if I can get information from the users that interact with my extension -for I will be working with prizes for the winners of the tournament-.

In the Developer Documentation I saw that “authentication” was required, and that a Token was needed.

My questions specifically are:

1.- How can I get the Token? -I already registered my extension on my developer portal and got a clientID-

2.- Does the extension lets me get information from the users that interact with it?

3.- How long does the review of my extension usually takes?

Thank you

1/2 See this example extension

You get the JWT, send the JWT up to your EBS
The EBS generates an App Access Token.
Extracts the userID from the JWT
Calls the Users API with the userID and the App Access Token

  1. Takes as long as it take 3-5 working day or longer seems average. Depends how busy the queue is.
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When the user opens my extension does he needs to give me permission every time he opens it or is a one time permission the first time he does it?

The “grant” is remembered until the user removes the permission


Thank you!