Having problems on-boarding? Post here!

Same issue here - not showing on page; account is verified and has 2FA

Having the same issue, have view extensions and then says i don’t have access to create one. Tried the link above and get a 404 error.

I’m stuck at the service tax interview.

It’s been stuck for almost 2 days.
I’ve tried restarting from scratch, but now, it doesn’t even let me redo that one.
It just shows “Not started” and when I click to start it, the popup says that it’s still processing.
I guess I’ll wait full 48 hours and see if it eventually works…

I’m also having problems on-boarding step three B. Please help. Wanted to make progress on the extension this weekend.

Same problem here, Extension Developer Onboarding is not showing !

I need ur help Twitch.

I am unable to complete the final step of the tax interview. It just errors and to contact support.

When I try to do the tax interview, it will display the wrong birth month. I have started over a few times and made sure to select the correct month, but step 3 will always show January as my birth month.

Edit: After countless tries it worked, but it seemed random.

I’m still waiting to get approved on the tax interview… How long does it take? Been roughly 2 days…

If this step requires manual intervention, there might not be anybody about since it’s the holidays

I cannot access affiliate onboarding because I was in the extensions developer onboarding. Can you please help?

My channel name for the affiliate onboarding is channel TWBGuild

I’m stuck on the service tax interview. says its not started, but when I try to progress it says its still in process of review.
Channel name: Cypher_Kai

Email twitchtaxhelp@amazon.com for assistance.

Its been a week in verification at step 3/4 cant do nothing Channel:Archemier

I just completed the developer on boarding and would like to start the affiliate on boarding, but it says i can’t start it until I finish the developer on boarding even though I have already completed it. This is the message I am getting https://gyazo.com/e53cd6bbb9b3b9724e1bf46afd18ae52. My twitch username is “hexicle”. Thanks!

When I went to start my affiliate on-boarding, It said that i could not proceed because you can only have one on-boarding in progress, so I did all the requirements to finish my developer on-boarding, and it still says that i cant start my affiliate because the developer on-boarding is still going, even when i finished it. Can anybody help me? My twitch username is BorylXBL, thank-you.

Having the same problem! If you find anything out would you tell me?

Yeah definitely. This is ridiculous! I haven’t gotten any help or even a response from twitch in 9 days! Hopefully this gets sorted out soon…

I’m actually having this issue on twitch.

I completed the Extensions Developer onboarding, but it tells me that’s still in progress and I can’t access the Affiliate onboarding. I’ve also received the email for being approved to the Extensions Developer program. Username is the same as twitch for simplicity.


So all three of you have completed the Extension Onboarding process or have the Extension Onboarding process in progress?

All three of you cannot do the Affiliate Onboarding process?

So the question is have all three of you been invited to become an affiliate?

@MICHALSKI_JOHN I assume you’re slightly different as you say your process is still in progress and it gives you the correct error. Are you sure you completed the process correctly?