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I’m currently working on a bot to collect all clips of a channel, sort them to their creation date and post them in a discord.

Since there is no way to sort them like that with a parameter, my idea was, to iterate through all of them with &first=100 and the pagination cursor after the first call.

At the first view, this seems pretty accurate, at least, for smaller channels with less clips. However, on big channels I got the feeling there are some clips missing. Most of the time, the total count of all clips in a bigger channel is exactly 1000 or 1100, I checked multiple channels and in all of them, there are max 1100 clips. Never saw something like 1099 or 1078. Is there a maximum a channel can have? Or is this a limit of the api?

Also, if I call the api later, sometimes it finds older clips which weren’t there the first time. Any ideas?

~ FiFT

Sorry for not providing an answer to your question.
Just dropping these here for the back links.

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Fairly certain it’s a limit of the API; this happens in Kraken too.
It would be nice if the clip limit was removed, though, and it would solve your problem completely.

Unless they remove the limit, you might have better results using Kraken for this bot.

Helix’s clip discovery uses the window of time “all” aka, the top most viewed clips for a channel, up to 1100 clips like you said.
You can use Kraken to search for 1100 results of “all”, “month”, “week”, and “day”, which gives you up to 4400 clips (but more realistically ~2000, and there will be duplicates)
This doesn’t solve the problem, though; there will still be missing clips (for example, stuff with few views from a year ago).
Still, might be your best bet for the time being!

I’m personally hoping that they will let us set the window of time with Helix’s clip discovery in the future. “week” is incredibly useful for streamers looking for their own recent clips.

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