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Hi everyone,

The project I’m working on has been using an older version of the Twitch API for OAuth.

We have developed a new OAuth component for Twitch using AspNet.Security.OAuth.Twitch (5.0.9) and it works like a charm. However, we are still using the old component until we have all the components ready to upgrade.

The problem is, we used to be able to use the old component to get an access token for the user and get the user info from that. Lately, we are unable to get the user info (the email address is enough for our purposes) even though nothing has changed on our side. I believe the API we used is not deprecated either.

Any pointers are very appreciated at this point.

Thanks a lot,

When you say you’re unable to get user info, what endpoint are you using to retrieve user data, and what is your error?

Hi Dist,

We’re using this endpoint:

And there are no errors but also there is no user info.

Thank you.

If there’s no error then you’ll still get a response, but it’ll just be an empty array, in which case you are likely sending the wrong data in the request.

Can you show us the exact request you’re making, and the response received (with any OAuth tokens omitted).

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