Hls not working annymore on Microsoft Edge

So, i allways used to watch Twitch on /hls with Microsoft Edge cuz it didnt become above 2-3% CPU usage while without hls on chrome or edge it allways is above 20% cpu usage.
But now since a long while /hls mode isnt working annymore on Microsoft Edge.
The problem i have is that the /hls player opens but nothing plays and i cant click on Play or whatsoever.
Here is a picture: http://imgur.com/9VSKvrP

Don’t use the /hls URL. Use the channel page or embed URL (player.twitch.tv/?channel=) and disable Flash in Edge settings.

I allways use the channel url with /hls at the end.
And i do have flash disabled in Edge.

Yeah his suggestion is to not do that any more. If you have flash disabled then you don’t need the hls endpoint.

Well, i allways disabled flash in Edge but when /hls used to work the cpu usage was max 4% while in normal mode even with flash disabled its 20%+ cpu usage.

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