Hosting Ratelimited?

Is hosting from the dashboard ratelimited now because i cant host more then 5 people

The hosting rate limit is 3 changes to the Host every 30 minutes.

Example NOTICE raised via chat when you do a host command via chat. (Parsed to JSON from IRC)

Notice {
  tags: { 'msg-id': 'hosts_remaining' },
  command: 'NOTICE',
  message: '2 host commands remaining this half hour.',
  raw: '@msg-id=hosts_remaining NOTICE #SOMECHANNEL :2 host commands remaining this half hour.\r',
  user: false,
  room: '#SOMECHANNEL',
  action: false

What is your use case for changing hosts more often than 3 (or 5) per 30 minutes (or whatever the dashboard time limit is) anyway?

when im hosting from dashboard. I can only host like 8 times then it will stop working and i need to wait like 5 minutes like its ratelimited i know that the command is ratelimited but from the dashboard

and my use of it is so i can host more channels in a less time

By the way, hosting via dashboard didn’t have a limit before so thats why im confused a bit

Hosting channels more quicklly gives no benefit to the channels you are hosting. Which is why there is a limit in place in the first place.

Most likely an overlook when the new dashboard was built, becuase theres no normal reason to host people more often than twice an hour anyway.

Why would you want to do this?

Oh ok

Twitch is always receptive to new ideas, If you have a legitimate use case for needing to flood an excessive number of hosts you’re welcome to submit it as a feature request here:


by the way i may have found an exploit

where do i report those

There is a form for reporting on

ok thanks

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