How do I get Authorization code?

okay I thought you were talking about client credentials. But nevermind misunderstanding from my end
So it looks like I need to have server side or Flask running. Did you come across anyone who has done in Python so I can refer that code?

That works for non priviledged data (aka public data) as I mentioned

Game Analytics is not public data, and the authenticating user will need to be partt of an organisation that has claimed a game on Twitch

No I don’t know of a Flask/Python example that provides a website.

I have written node and php examples on my github

But it’s all basic website stuff really.

Webpage to build a link that has the needed scopes and display it to the user
user leaves webpage
user comes back with a ?code
capture ?code from the query string
exchange the code for a access token/refresh token key pair via HTTP Post
Store and use returned token accordingly

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