How to call Postman Newman webhook when an event triggers

Hello Everyone,
I want to know how to run postman collection using newman webhook url when user goes live on twitch using this twitch event
I tried to hit this endpoint to create a subscription as a POST request
and pass the body like this
“type”: “”,
“version”: “1”,
“condition”: {
“broadcaster_user_id”: “USER_ID”
“transport”: {
“method”: “webhook”,
“secret”: “CLIENT_SECRET”
But everytime It got failed and returns this status “status”: “webhook_callback_verification_failed”,
Please help me How I call Newman webhook URL to run the postman collection when user goes live on twitch

I have no experience with Newman, or trying to do anything of this sort in Postman as it’s not really fit for this purpose, but from a technical point of view the verification failed error indicates that either your callback URL is not internet accessible and reachable by Twitch, or it doesn’t correctly return the challenge sent by Twitch.

You should be able to test this yourself by sending a POST request to your callback URL with a challenge in the format shown in the docs, and see what your server responds with.

Also, the secret you’re providing should NOT be your client secret, that’s an entirely different thing. The secret you provide when subscribe to EventSub is a secret you generate yourself and pass to Twitch for them to sign the notification with, and you verify that signature on receiving a notification.

I don’t know how to generate that secret.
Could you suggest me some resource so that I can generate that secret?

I tried to call postman webhook url from the slack and it works perfectly fine.
I think it means it’s internet accessible.

It’s whatever you want it to be, It’s for you to come up with.

Does it correctly respond with a challenge when you send a POST request?

From slack, I get the payload that contains channel id, response_url, and the message

Your server should JUST be responding with a 200 status code and the challenge when handling verification requests, as shown in Step 3 here EventSub | Twitch Developers

@Dist hey! ask here to not open a new thread for a small question:

Twitch-Eventsub-Message-Type webhook_callback_verification_failed error I will see only on get my subs request? or I can also receive it instead of webhook_callback_verification on my webhook? docs aren’t clear about this situation.

sorry for disturbing

webhook_callback_verification is a message type, it is the message that Twtich sends to your server to verify it.

webhook_callback_verification_failed is a subscription status, and would show on the Get EventSub Subscriptions endpoint for any subscription that fails to correctly respond to the verification message.

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