How to capture list of mods for a room?

Language: Python 2.7
Objective: Channel Bot

Ok, so Im a fucking idiot and im fairly new to coding. I’m trying to make a random level chooser for some friends (which Ive successfully done), but I’d also like to restrict it to just the mods of the channel.

I’m able to pass along a /mod command and get the NOTICE return with the mod list, but I cant, for the life of me, figure out how to capture that into a variable.

It seems like it should be really simple, but I cant figure it out and its driving me fucking crazy.


I’m doing it like this in my mod checker (javascript). Shouldn’t be too different to do in python.

// The moderators of this room are: 3ventic, notventic, ohbot
// Check that the message starts with "The moderators of this"
if (message.indexOf('The moderators of this') === 0) {
    // Split from the colon
    var usernames = message.split(': ');
    // Check the array has 2 elements so the next line doesn't crash the app, if Twitch change the message format
    if (usernames.length > 1) {
        // Split the comma-separated list of names by comma
        usernames = usernames[1].split(', ');
        // usernames is [ '3ventic', 'notventic', 'ohbot' ]
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