How to Check Chat to Stream Delay

I am trying to time my chat bot’s updates when a song is just now being played. My bot is in C#.
I am using the Spotify API to post data on when my music has changed.

Sample Output: “Now Playing ‘Song Name’ by ‘Artist’”

Working Example:

Any ideas on how to gauge the delay from real time to stream?

I would set the delay on like 15 seconds. Average stream delay is like 10-20 seconds.

Technically speaking there is no “delay”

There is the “standard” 10-20 seconds BUT the problem is that this encoding and transmission delay is different for everyone watched based on the quality they selected (or slow internet they are on, or even mobile internet)

So I wouldn’t bother with a delay for what you are doing.

On a side note what API are you using, I’m unfamiliar with Spotify having a API last time I checked. (I push to and consume API instead)

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