How to remove a project from the new developer rig

Hi, I have created 2 projects for the same extension (2 different versions of that extension).

2 Questions regarding this:

  1. How do I remove the older project, when I don’t want to work on that extension version anymore?
  2. Is there a way to update the extension version without creating a new project every time? Say I sent my current version in for review and it gets accepted. I want to work on a new version then and won’t touch the accepted one anymore. So I need to update the version info in the dev rig, or it will always load my older version.

yes, just set the environment variables when you start dev-rig

EXT_CLIENT_ID= clienteid EXT_SECRET=ext-secret EXT_VERSION=0.0.6 yarn start

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How would setting the ENV variables work if I had several different extensions I work on?
I assume I can only set one secret in the ENV variable, but every extension has its own secret (e.g. I develop 2 different panel extensions)

I feel like messing around with the env variables every time the project is switched can potentially lead to a lot of confusion. When you, for example, work on Extension A for a few weeks, then work on Extension B and in between you notice you need to fix a bug in Extension A --> you’d have to change all the ENV variables because you have set them to fit for Extension B.

The project concept of the new dev rig looks really promising and I guess there has to be some way of simply deleting a project from the dev rig, I might just not have found it yet. I mean, the dev rig has to save the configured projects somewhere obviously. From there it should also be deletable, I guess.

Thanks for the conversation on this. Yeah this seems super frustrating. I’ve created a bug to track this issue and we’ll work with the development team to prioritize a fix. Thanks!

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To clear/modify projects, they are stored in your browser’s localstorage.
Either run in your console
you may wish to clear “extensionViews” too.

or in chrome open up dev tools (f12), Application > Local Storage > https://localhost.rig > and modify the json string.

Note that with recent versions of the Developer Rig, the extensionViews local storage item is no longer used. Unless you need to support older versions of the Rig or need that data for some other purpose, you may safely delete that item from local storage. Extension views are now part of a project. All projects are stored in the projects local storage item.

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