I need help with this

So I have heard about this extension and alert thing just now and have been trying to set it up but it hasn’t been working. I always stream on my PS4 and I dont have a pc so I try to do it through my phone on the twitch website and app but I can’t figure out anything.

Please contact the developer of the extension or app you are using for help

The third party developers forum cannot assist you with a specific extension

I am talking about extensions showing up on the screen. I added the extensions through the browser but now they dont show up on screen

After installing an extension
You may need to configure it
And then activate it into a slot
Without it being active it won’t appear in peoples browsers.

They are active and I did the configuration and I tried testing them all out but I couldn’t see anything.

Couldn’t see anything where

Extensions will appear if active in a web browser on PC/Mac
On mobile, if the extension supports it, will appear to the right of chat as an icon for users to click to open the extension.

Ad or script blockers may interfere with the experience

Oh so it depends if it supports mobile that’s why I couldnt see it. I will give it another test from the browser.