I need Redeemption Id for update the status

The problem is that when a user redeems a custom reward the message object returns an object like this:
‘badge-info’: null,
badges: { ‘bits-leader’: ‘3’ },
color: ‘#0000FF’,
‘custom-reward-id’: ‘44fca52f-9046-4f08-9172-977be123446c’,
‘display-name’: ‘#######’,
emotes: null,
‘first-msg’: false,
flags: null,
id: ‘00124611-ef2d-4d35-a0a2-8bd941e6bxxx’
The problem is that I have the custom-reward-id and it can be used in the PATCH endpoint “Update Redemption Status” as reward_id but we need the Id of the reward redemption and you don’t know it until you call the endpoint GET “Get Custom Reward Redemption”, so why I need to call first the GET “Get Custom Reward Redemption” and after that with the correct reward redemption id call PATCH endpoint “Update Redemption Status” if I already know the message Id? whit the message Id I would be able to find the redemption object and be able to update it without calling the Get Custom Reward Redemption first.

You have captured the reward redemption for chat.

This is not the normal way to caputre them.

You should be capturing them from:

not chat, since chat will only relay rewards that have the user enter a chat message

Essentially you are using the wrong product to capture “someone redeemed something”

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