Images not loading when doing hosted testing

I’m running into a problem with images disappearing. I zip up all my assets, including images, and upload them to my Version Assets. When I move to hosted testing, some images appear to be failing to load, but I can’t figure out why. Looking at the network trace in the developer tools it looks like it is getting a 505 pulling the image from the CDN:

<Message>The HTTP version specified is not supported.</Message>

Anyone run into this before? Suggestions on solutions? The image is 2.38KB, for reference. Can confirm paths are always relative, and most of the images work fine, just a handful have this issue.

The consistent criteria finally clicked: image files with spaces in the name. For example: Dark Knight.png

Works fine locally, but when it gets ingested for presentation on Twitch in hosted testing, something goes wonky and it gives the 505 error when it tries to pull it. I’ve corrected my file names and such to work around it, not sure if this is a known problem and documented somewhere that I missed, but if it isn’t would be great to get that somewhere visible. :slight_smile: