Important re-subscription change

Theres a reason that information isn’t readily available, and behind a permission wall.

For such research to collect subscriber information, you should really seek permission from the casters you are pulling the information for, not everyone wants their sub count out in the wild and users themselves don’t want to be chat delurked, if they are lurking and a sub.

Is there a reason the login name is sent in tags instead of using the :username!identity@host syntax like with other user-generated messages (PRIVMSG, WHISPER)? Keeping it consistent there would make the change a lot simpler to implement, and I don’t see immediate downsides to it apart from the small overhead from the extra characters.

It’s probably still sent by TwitchNotify rather than the user, so it wouldn’t have the user hostmask I bet…

(But then whom are the badges for… hmmmmm)

Should be just a matter of formatting, but it’d make it a matter of plugging into the existing parser instead of having to look for the username elsewhere (in the tags).

Agreed there.

BUT, if Twitch changes so that new subs are notified the same, would it not be cheaper to just process tags overall? shrug

Perhaps, but most programs reading these messages are also reading other chat, making it a negligible difference. I bet next year it won’t matter either way assuming IDs will take over to pave way for name changes. Purely guesswork though.

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Any ETA on when it will be implemented? I keep looking for it but dont see anything yet.

It’s live now as far as I can tell.

This is live now! We originally were going for 1PM but pushed it back a little later.


It doesnt show the resubs in chat now. I can see the resub messages in the USERNOTICE but it doesnt show their username.

Looks solid to me here. BUT BTTV has NOT updated.

BTTV will show the User submitted Message, but no the Resub count

Okay just heard of this change and added USERNOTICE to my bot but now I’m kinda confused, how do I reliably distinguish between a sub for the channel I’m in and a sub for the channel that’s just getting hosted by that channel?

Seems there were some changes/edits in this thread and I really don’t wanna send a welcome whisper to someone that subbed on a hosted channel :smiley:

I am honestly not seeing the USERNOTIFY messages on a resubscription. Is there something I have to send the server before they start showing up? I used to get resub notifications from twitchnotify, I realized today that I had to upgrade the bot and I am seeing nothing: I literally packet sniff what the irc server is sending me and I see nothing when someone resubs. (other than ping/pong packets and the occasional PRIVMSG)

I currently use “TWITCHCLIENT 3” and “CAP REQ”

TWITCHCLIENT was removed a long time ago.
I’m not 100% sure because i always request those but i assume you have to request the commands and tags capability

CAP REQ Twitch

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If you are ONLY sending whispers to new subs there is nothing to do. Nothing has changed for new subs.

To chip in, @Freddy is correct @Tyler_Durden you need the tags and commands cap.

(And the ability to change your IRC parser for USERNOTIFY messages)

Yeah I used to send something to certain resubs as well, though turned that off for now, gonna make sure the room-id and sys-msg works as expected first.

Currently I have observed that on the event of a hosted resub. The channel doing the hosting gets no notification. It does for hosted channel new subs (as thats old system)

@BarryCarlyon: That’s correct.

To provide some more context: Originally, we were sending a USERNOTICE to each hosting channel and the hosted channel. This was scenario 3 that we removed. The problem was that the room-id tag always matched the room receiving the USERNOTICE instead of the room where the resub originated. We thought that was kind of a weird behavior and decided to remove it.

The feedback here about a target-room-id tag helped drive that decision, too. Now, we only send a USERNOTICE to the room where the resubscription is taking place, which should mean no more parsing of system-msg to decide if you care about the message.

If it isn’t working out that way, please let me know. :slight_smile:


I always seem to find out about these breaking changes too late. Is there a distribution list that we can join to get informed of these type of changes right away? My bot is for private use in a few channels, only doing maintenance work when necessary, and I don’t make a habit of reading these forums with regular cadence.