Improving the Flexibility of Twitch Drops

The ability to not offer concurrent campaigns is a big miss. We often run multiple campaigns that offer an XP Token drip for all broadcast within a specific window and deploy a secondary campaign that provides drops on specific days to drive viewership for those special moment.

The removal of the analytics dashboard prevents non developers from accessing analytics and requires additional development cost for creating those dashboards on internal systems. The previous dashboards were extremely valuable to show the reach across a category and conversion funnel for unlocked and claimed rewards.

The game analytics don’t allow you to see channel or campaign specific data though as far as I can tell.

Hitting a weird server error when attempting to activate a campaign under the new beta drops. Set up 4 different campaigns, was able to enable the first two but now whenever attempting to enable another campaign I am getting an error message “Failed to enable campaign, server error”

To confirm the news that @Marenthyu mentioned above, we discussed two updates for Drops during our TwitchDev Standard Output broadcast this week. We will update the original post above as well to reflect these updates.

Overlapping Campaigns

Overlapping campaigns was an important feature for developers who wanted to provide two different sets of rewards during the same time period, for example, their official channel providing more unique items than the general player community. While this was removed to address viewer confusion, the team has re-evaluated the problem and has come up with a solution to provide overlapping campaigns in the new version of Drops. This is now available with the general availability launch. We assume there will be more feedback as developers begin using it and we welcome your thoughts.


We also mentioned in the initial post that analytics for Drops campaigns would be removed. The team has looked into this feature as well and while the Analytics tab is not accessible at launch and we will no longer support visualizations, we are bringing back the downloadable analytics CSV file before the end of the year.

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Has there been any update on this?

I have currently setup 3 campaigns to from Friday, Sat, and Sunday with NO overlap. I was able to activate the Friday campaign but am now getting this Server Error message when trying to enable Saturday and Sunday!

Any update?

Anything you can share that might give insight to this error taking place when trying to enable campaigns. It now gives me an error when I try to disable a campaign…

Thanks for the change, it’s very much appreciated. I can confirm the same issues reported by others here that currently it’s not possible to progress in several Twitch Drops campaigns in parallel. Only one campaign at a time is displaying progress :frowning: Could you please look into it and let us know when a fix could be deployed?

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Is there any news on the analytics CSV file? Unless I’m missing a tab or download that’s staring me in the face, I can’t seem to find it! Any help would be appreciated.