In-line broadcaster chat mod logs

Er is that much different than a client-side time-stamp when it receives the event? I imagine this is for ordering purposes, or what? We try to keep events as small as possible to limit maintenance, and to keep performance high.

Events should be received as they get sent through, and a timestamp might be slightly different depending on which server handled the request (though we use ntp and theoretically shouldn’t be clock drift)

A server time stamp would be nice, but I/we can get by without.

I setup logging myside and completely forgot to stash a timestamp with it myself

Any idea when this will be documented? Also, for moderators wanting to connect, what scope do we use?

This thread is the documentation so far.

You just need a valid oAuth key for the user_id you wish to connect as, the minimum scope to get the user_id from the API is user_read but I have not tested a no scope key, coz no one ever makes those Kappa

Ah, thanks - from what I’m seeing, you can only get logs for one moderator at a time? So you have to watch them all individually?
EDIT: Never mind :smiley: The listen just confused me. Thanks for the help!

You “login” to pubsub and say “I’d like to connect to this room_id as this user_id identified by this scope” and then you get a feed of ALL moderator actions that all moderators do (including the broadcaster)

(Replied for clarity)

Just thought I’d mention that a no-scopes key works just fine!

Know when this will actually be documented on ?

A message ID would be useful for deduping events received on multiple sockets (during reconnection, etc). Also, do we have a solution for listening on more than 500 channels (10 connections, 50 topics per connection, 1 channel per topic) yet? I’m hesitant to build features of my bot on top of pubsub until we will reasonably be able to scale past 500 channels.

For everyone who would like to test it: I built a small application that simply displays the bans, timeouts, unbans:

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My mistake, forgot that this current set up was currently enabled for broadcasters only - my error!

But still just a general heads up for people to not hand out stream key willy nilly (or at least make sure you reset it afterwards)

Looks like this is NOT for broadcasters only. I see these logs when using chat_moderator_actions.channelId.roomId as a regular moderator as well!

Please note that it is not channelId.roomId but it is chat_moderator_actions.<my userid>.<channel user id>

Ah yes, I haven’t kept up with pub sub so I thought Xangold’s post still reflected the current state (broadcaster only) - good to know its not :slight_smile:

My bad! Updated post to reflect the current state.

No worries, I should have done more investigating before replying :slight_smile: Thanks for updating @xangold!

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