Inconsistent search results

Yeah, another thread, but this one really has be confused. I’m updating my search wrappers but I am getting extremely inconsistent results when I’m searching with the same exact query and using the same exact method call. Sometimes all four calls will be the exact same, but the majority of the time I will get results like this:

This is one of the results I get when from these method calls, that should return the exact same result.

SearchChannels base_search = g_twitch_api_oauth.SearchChannelsPage("SixDegrees");
SearchChannels base_search1 = g_twitch_api_oauth.SearchChannelsPage("SixDegrees");
SearchChannels base_search2 = g_twitch_api_oauth.SearchChannelsPage("SixDegrees");
SearchChannels base_search3 = g_twitch_api_oauth.SearchChannelsPage("SixDegrees");

And just for good measure here is my method:

public SearchChannels SearchChannelsPage(string name, PagingSearchChannels paging = null)
    if (paging.isNull())
        paging = new PagingSearchChannels();

    RestRequest request = Request("search/channels", Method.GET);
    request.AddQueryParameter("query", name);
    request = paging.Add(request);

    IRestResponse<SearchChannels> response = client.Execute<SearchChannels>(request);

    return response.Data;

I also tried the same tests with my paging method removed, and still got he same random results.

I did the same search and I got _total results ranging from 12 to 17 however the _channel results would remain the same. It seemed to just be the count that was wrong as nothing else changed, just the _total count.

Might be helpful if you post an example of the response you receive for the lowest and the highest - especially for the _channel, curious to if anything is actually changing in that.

What is the time scale on these searches? You could easily be getting load balanced to a different result set (hence the difference in count).

They were made directly one after another. The total time for all of the calls was a few milliseconds, if that.

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