Interface to create graphs comparing any amount of games or channels; data scraped every few minutes

Hello, I’ve been working on this site update for quite a few months now. I posted awhile back about my site called 0bservat0ry, but now I think I’ve made it much, much better. Now you can compare any metric (active channels for a game and viewers are the only two metrics so far; but they also have associated ranking & growth metrics) from any game (or channel) with any other game’s metrics. Here are a few examples:

As for individual profile pages, they are formatted like /twitch/game/game-name/ or for channel /twitch/channel/channel-name/:

Also, the ranking tables as well as total statistics can be found at simply

The code (brace yourself for some messy stuff!):

More information can be found at

I was hoping I could get some suggestions or tips or comments. Please feel free to ask any questions or criticise. Thanks!

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