Invalid secret rig extension


I have a problem when i try to open extension project using twitch developer Rig

i followed the link for retrive extension secret but never works…

please help me!

The rig is deprecated. And the API’s that support it are dead. So your mileage will vary

You are attempting to copy/paste in your secret?
Make sure you have copied the entire thing and you’ve grab the right secret from the right extension.


So… how do I test the extension that I am developing?

On your website you suggest downloading developers rig to develop.

If it is no longer used how should I test It, create views etc.?

I get the token from the extension configuration page.

On the Twitch website, install the extension to a channel and test on Twitch instead.

It’s recommened to put your testing base URI being SSL, so you can accurately test.

Either using a webserver you uplaod files to, or ngrok or similar for a SSL enabled tunnel

You can read more about the deprecation here: End of support for the Twitch Developer Rig

Seems that you can’t add new projects using the UI since it tries to validate the details and those older API’s for that are dead/removed.


so for test my extension in local… how to simulate this.twitchHelper.onAuthorized(…) or the only solution is upload the build and instal on ?


In local test you specify a URL
That URL is where Twitch will load from.
You do not need to be in hosted test to test on the Twitch Website.

I wrote about it a fair bit in this blog post Twitch Extensions Part 5 – Dev Environment – Barry Carlyon

Hi Barry,

In your example you used Twitch Developer Rig and you told me this is deprecated and is imposible to add existing proyect.

I need test my extension in local but this method in local never work:


Can you tell me how to get this.onAuthorized return data in local ?


My blog series refers to the rig since it wasn’t deprecated at the time.

Part 5 talks about how you replace a function of the Developer Rig with an external server to serve your files (as that was a function the dev rig could do).

That server could be used in the now deprecated rig via a “start frontend server with a command”.

Then you need to trace and debug your extension and find out why these events are not being called.

Not sure what this.twitchHelper is here either, which suggest some sort of framework. Did that framework init in time and not cause a Twitch to go “something is wrong extension did not load in time”

So you need to open developer tools and trace why your javascript isn’t running. Did your HTML actually load?

Debugging an extension is the same as debugging a regular website, since at the end of the dat an extension is just a website with a couple of requriements.