IP Address Rate Limiting for v5 Endpoints

Yeah it’s not just new accounts that’s needed for modding, it’s creation_date in general, as bots, spam accounts or alt accounts are very often made in groups but may not be used immediately.

To give a concrete example, a streamer I mod for has recently been harassed and chat botted by someone with thousands of bots, after going into follow mode said person follow botted the channel with 26000 bots to be able to still spam in follow mode. Those bots were all between 1 to 3 months old at the time already, all created in large batches of a couple thousand each in about two hours spans each.

The only way to effectively combat and identify those was by filtering by names, follow dates and created_at combined, to avoid hitting innocent random followers during the same times which would be unavoidable without `created_at.

We also regularly get people coming in and being dumb, getting banned and making new accounts right away that are seconds old and easily flagable this way.
A pure created_today flag for example would be almost useless to combat any of this.

There are tons of examples of occurrences like that where having created_at is essential to keep chats protected, especially with twitch moderation response times usually being days or even weeks (only 6k of those 25k blatantly obvious bots are banned at this point for example despite multiple reports over the last 5 weeks).

Also note that the creation date is currently still available via official mod tools so in no way secret at all, anyone that wants it can get it already


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