IRC Newbie - Should the channel parameter be null? channel=""


I’ve added SmartIRC to a WordPress plugin and here is where I’m at…

Dec 02 11:40:21 SmartIRC.php(1952) DEBUG_MESSAGEPARSER: ircdata nick:“” ident:“” host:“” type:“8192” from:“” channel:“” message:“Welcome, GLHF!”

I assume the channel paramater should be populated?

If so what login parameter am I getting wrong?

    $nickname = 'ZypherEvolved';
    $realname = 'ZypheREvolved (Ryan R. Bayne)';
    $usermode = 8;
    $username = 'ZypherEvolved';
    $password = 'oauth:123456789abcdefgh';

Thank you

It looks like you just connected to the server only.

After connecting to the server you need to join the channel (using a name of the form #channelname)

Say $irc is your SmartIRC instance, you can join a channel, after connecting, like this:


Hope this helps

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