IRC User List returning HTTP 503

I am running a bot that needs to refresh its userlist every 5 min.
Because the NAME event is only sent with < 1000 online users and JOIN and PART events are pretty confusing, i am using the HTTP endpoint:<stream>/chatters

The problem is that a HTTP GET request is getting a 503 (Service unavailable) or 502 (Bad Gateway) Error every ~thrid time.

I first thought that the request should be made on the speific event endpoint when larger events are handled but this error also occures within 200 or 15.000 users.

Just deal with it.

The rest of us do…

It 500’s quite often

Join/part also has the 1k limit

Also, the tmi API is undocumented and considered unsupported. You use it at your own risk, so like Barry said, you “just deal with it”

Ye, that’s no big deal because every successful request is being cached by my program.
I just thought of some helpful tips like other request headers.
Despite everything I’m thakful for this endpoint :wink:

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