Is Helix gonna be ready?

I’ll toss my name on the pile. I’ve just recently started working with the Twitch API and frankly I find it very concerning that there is such a strict date for removal of the v3/v5 endpoints when Helix seems to have less than half the functionality they provided.

I get the sense that this is a deliberate move on Twitch’s behalf to reduce the amount of access developers have to data. As a developer working on a new project, it’s very challenging to determine the best approach knowing that theses APIs will be removed so quickly without a replacement already in place. If I build functionality around the old ones right now, I have no real confidence that my feature will even be possible come Jan 1 next year.

Not to mention the impacts on timelines and investment… For those of us working for companies, not just as a hobby, this is essentially costing the business double the man hours for a single feature, since it will need to be built and rebuilt within a 7 month period. On top of that, for all we know, many of these replacements may not launch for another several months, putting a significant amount of pressure on developers to rewrite functionality in an extremely short period of time; and that last point is assuming there’s even an intent to replicate all existing functionality, which I believe is not the case. Not good!!