Is Helix gonna be ready?

Back to v5 for now.

v5’s death is delayed →


Does anyone have an update? The post says an updated roadmap will be release July 10th- which was last week. Did they release it, I couldn’t find it?

I’m really hoping they set a clear schedule to fill out Helix with all endpoints. You can’t do much with the few they provided so far.

The new roadmap can be seen here

No specific dates for things, just a general roadmap for the 2nd half of this year, which is as expected as Twitch don’t give specific timelines for end, the best you can hope for is the Trello roadmap which lets you see which endpoints are Explore, In Progress, or Live. Often there are other things as well that are being worked on but not on the roadmap so sometimes new endpoints will just suddenly go live.

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