Is it ok to store VODs from JSON

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Question regarding the terms on data storage:

Do not store copies of Twitch Content and Program Materials, unless you (a) obtain authorization (through these terms or otherwise); (b) control the rights associated with such content; or © cache such information for only a twenty-four hour time period without further sharing it with third parties.

Does that mean that I can’t store the JSON that returns all the VODs for a channel to a cache or local storage? If so, it seems weird to me that my app would need to request the same information again instead of just storing it somewhere and only updating the JSON when new information is available.

I’m referring to this endpoint: for getting all the VODs.

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I’m not a lawyer, but caching the data and revalidating it every 24 hours is a good practice… I believe that what the first line is stating is storing actually vods / other content is what it is referring to… But again, not a lawyer so take what I say with a grain of salt and pure opinion…

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And VOD data/JSON data of a VOD

can and will change.

Most notably information including but not limited to, was the VOD deleted, is the VOD no longer available. Did the URLs for the screenshots/thumbs of the VOD move or change.

So you don’t want “long term” VOD JSON storage anyway

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Thank you for replying!

Hmm so I guess I’ll just have to get all the VODs and every 24 hours delete the data from cache/storage.

Yes good point! Thank you!

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