Is there a new channel panel API endpoint?


I have used the channel panel API endpoint below to get the donation link in the channel panel.{CHANNEL_NAME}/panels?client_id={CLIENT_ID}
The above method has worked well for over 4 years.

But today this API didn’t work and responded like below.
error: “Gone”,
message: “this API has been removed.”,
status: 410

I checked the api documentation but couldn’t find a new method.
So I just tried to use API endpoint like v5 api but it didn’t work.
url: ‘{USER-ID}/panels’,
headers: {
‘Accept’: ‘application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json’,
‘Client-ID’: xxxx…
I have tried several things but have not found a new API endpoint.

So, is there a new channel panel API?

Of course, I can get the panel information directly from the channel page, or from like the browser gets the panel information.
But I’m looking for an easy way.

Any endpoints at undocumented and supported and can change or break at any time

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It’s not deleted, just blocked by 3rd party client-ids.

I had the same issues a couple of days ago. Interestingly enough, if you yoink a client-id from the browser (from the network tab), and using that client-id (which you shouldn’t, Kapp), everything works like a charm. I have no issue with removing undocumented api-s, but not providing any acceptable alternative… well that’s something else.

“Someone is playing with a big ON/OFF switch at Twitch”. Because right after my post, everything went back online. Yesterday and today the api is still blocked by 3rd parties.

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Don’t assume that using a first party client-id will last forever either. Twitch are obviously scaling back access and removing some of these endpoints which were never intended for third party use. Even using the workaround you’re suggesting can and will break in the future.

Perhaps take the hint that Twitch doesn’t want you using these API’s and invest your dev time into something to use instead for when these endpoints eventually become fully inaccessible to you. And if there’s not a suitable endpoint currently then suggest it as that’s where Twitch look for how much demand there is for new features and if there’s a justifiable use case.

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Thank you for all the replies.
I just read what was discussed in the link below and all my questions have been resolved.

I think removed features will eventually be implemented and developed somehow by someone. So I think this will be a loss for everyone. Of course I will follow Twitch’s policy as much as possible so it is not me who will develop removed features. :smile:

Since all the discussion has been done enough in the link above, I think no further discussion is needed here. Thank you again for all the answers.

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