Is there a way to check if a user has previously authorized your app, without kraken issuing a new token?

My problem is when a user visits my page in multiple browsers…

When a user visits my page, I check for a cookie to see if the user has previously authorized my app. If the cookie is not there, I pop a new window and forward the user to kraken to authorize. If the user has previously authorized (say in a different browser) kraken doesn’t prompt the user to authorize again, and instead, simply sends the user to my redirect uri. The problem for me, is that kraken issues a NEW token before redirecting, even though it knows the user has previously authorized and has an existing token. This makes all other tokens the user is saving in other browsers invalid, and in essence, limits the user to being authorized in only 1 browser at any given time (at least in a pure javascript deployment).

Would it be possible for kraken to simply redirect the user with the existing token, if one exists (ie: not issue a new token)?

This would possibly cause security concerns as it doesn’t follow the recommendations in section 10.2 of the OAuth 2 spec.