Issue running Hello World; cannot find module

Hello, I’m attempting to get the Hello World sample running in local mode. I’ve been following the for Windows directions here:

I’ve made it to step 7 under all Developers in the final paragraph which states “Run node services/backend -l …/manifest.json to locally run the Extension Backend Service for Hello World. In this case, manifest.json is the same that was provided to the Yarn Start command and exists in the Developer Rig directory.”

This gives me an error which states:

modle.js:549 throw err
Cannot find module ‘C:…\developer-rig\services\backend’

I know I haven’t missed a step and I’ve replicated the issue by doing the project again from the start. Obviously, I’m not getting something about this though.

Try run it from the extension directory, not the rig directory, as it’s the extension’s backend service that you’re trying to start.

Thanks for the reply Dist. If I do that, I receive an error starting “Cannot find module hapi.” If I do an npm install hapi (which succeeds) and rerun the command, I get “Cannot find module 'c:…root\manifest.json”

I see the command is looking in the root folder for the manifest and not my project folder. If I change the directory for the command to be:

node services/backend -l manifest.json

I receive the error: Cannot find module ‘c:…\root\my-extension\manifest.json.’ As far as I know, a manifest was not indicated to be created in this directory during this tutorial.

This was a typo in the rig documentation - getting fixed today. You should run this from the Hello World folder, but have it reference the manifest.json file in the rig directory.

And doing a npm install hapi sometimes needs to happen in the Hello World directory.

Thanks for trying out the Rig!

Apologies for the late reply. I did get a chance to use the sample provided again after the updates and can verify the issues are resolved. I don’t mean to bump a resolved issue but showing gratitude is important to me. Thank you for your efforts, I’m looking forward to getting started towards developing my own projects.