Issue with "Allowlist config Urls"

:white_check_mark: Fetch configuration backend
:white_check_mark: Set configuration backend
:white_check_mark: Fetch configuration frontend (onChange)
:x: Set configuration fronend

I don’t know why the frontend set doesn’t work anymore, I haven’t updated the front-end code.
am I the only one finding this difficult? :smiling_face_with_tear:

This suggests you have not selected Extension Configuration Service as your selected configuration system, but then the API call wouldn’t get new data… So I don’t think it’s that

Your front end call should be just

window.Twitch.ext.configuration.set('broadcaster', 'VERISIONHEREORBLANK', 'OPTIONHERE');

And the user doing the call must be the broadcaster for the channel

bind a onError to look for errors and/or use inspector to trace the call

This is exactly what I’m doing

Yes, this should be ok as well.

I just noticed that “twitch.onAuthorized” is not getting triggered, could it be related? and what could be the reason?

That usually indicates a javascript error occured.
Or the JS Helper isn’t present.

if onChanged has fired then you may have caused a uncaught javascript error which then crashed the JS helper and thus onAuth’ed wasn’t called

You’re right.
There was an error that I ignored coz I thought it was contained in another function.

All fixed now.
Thank you very much @BarryCarlyon