Issues for large (many channels) bots

Another suggestion: I am prepared to pay a small fee and accept additional terms and conditions to have a relaxed rate limit and to receive warnings instead of bans when my bot exceeds the rate limit. I imagine that if large bots are spending on infrastructure and development time to get around rate limits, then a fee for relaxed limits won’t be out of the question for them either.

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For such whitelist to really be useful, they’d also have to make sure chat wouldn’t disconnect when receiving a high number of messages at once, so you could actually join a lot of channels on a single connection. I started seeing “random” disconnects any time I joined more than around 20 channels on normal chat and as few as 6 on event chat.

Right now, you have to spread the channels over connections for that reason alone, so worrying about sending rate limits is only really relevant for bots, which connect to a few very busy channels, and bots, which spam a lot (which is what rate limits are for anyway – limiting spam). My bot, which handles 10 channels per connection sending a maximum of 19 messages in 30 seconds has reached its limit only once in the past week.

Also, there is at least one 3rd party project being made that will allow bot developers to connect to that program, ideally running on the same computer with the bot(s), and have it handle the rate limits and keep the connection to Twitch alive even between bot restarts (to skip joining rate limits).

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