Issues with Twitch Clips in Deepbot


Totally new here so apologies if this is incorrect place for this.

I moderate a chat where we have commands setup through Deepbot to trigger text + clip link when triggered by mods or viewers.

We’ve encountered an issue wherein older clips that contain the Streamer Name in the URL are now broken and wont work. We have had reports of mobile users being able to view the Links still but desktop users get “We couldnt find that clip”. I trawled a few forums and looked at past updates and it seems like the route of the issue is the URL update. Is there anything anyone can recommend as a quick fix to save us having to go through and update each URL to the new one either via mod chat commands or the dashboard.

Thanks in advance.

It’s possible to automate if you know the format deepbot saves its commands in, but it’s most likely less work to go through the commands one by one: open the link and get the new one from the URL bar (the old URLs redirect to new).

First of all you need to find out how deepbot saves these commands/content (URL). If they are saved somewhere in a file then you can easily create a script that will do automate this change for you.

Script will just read the file where the content is saved and replace the URL and then back write the new content to the file. 5 mins job using Nodejs :slight_smile:

Also… Anything is possible if really want to do it :wink:

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