It's stupid that people "talk before they join"

I think it’s a bit stupid that someone, who joins a channel can talk before the IRC server says that the user has joined. I think this is possible to fix since it’s a bit stupid…

Thanks for answering!

Twitch generally speaking batches up join/part events into batches that run say every 10 seconds. And on large channels might not even run at all.

It’s probably unwise to rely on join/part events.

Thanks for your answer @BarryCarlyon

My “problem” is actually that I sometimes don’t notice if there’s a new watcher since the userlist on chatty isn’t that fast. I’d just like to have my bot greet every person who joins so that it’s easier to notice.

If you have any better ideas please tell them.


Auto greetings are disgusting.
And some people don’t want to be greeted. They want to lurk.

You will scare off more people by auto greeting than you retain.



//wee need 20 characters

I agree with Barry. Most people don’t really even like being auto-greeted in channels. It puts pressure on them. If I join a channel for the first time, I don’t want to feel forced to say “hi” back, or even talk at all until I know I’m going to stick around or not.

And using IRC-client you can send messages to channel even w\o joining it, so it will be still possible with “fast” join\part info.

Or not cause a join/part at all. That is also possible.

And Join/Parts are the first thing to drop when Busy

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