JavaScript Video Player rewind / set position capability


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For a local game tournament I’ve developed a simple scorekeeping system that plays a goal sound corresponding to the player that has scored a point. I would like to add twitch support so we can show a replay of the goal on a big screen.

Can you tell me if you are planning on supporting rewind/forward/set position behaviour on the player JS api?

Alternatively I could pause the stream for about 10-15 seconds and let it lag behind for that amount the whole time, but I’d rather solve it in a nice way.



Twitch live streams currently do not support DVR functionality. That is, it’s not possible to intentionally rewind a live stream. Pausing a live stream is equivalent to stopping it, so when you play it again it’ll still be live.

There’s been talk about allowing this kind of behavior, but there’s no ETA.

Thanks for the reply Fugiman.

Seems like I will have to use something else for now.

I will keep an eye on twitch updates to see if I can use it in the future.