Justin dead, does Twitch API support XML output?

Hi, for my Rainmeter skin I accessed this file:


Can I replicate this with twitch API?

edit: I know I can get a streamlist as json output, but the json keys are not guaranteed to be in order (ie they change sometimes), I need the format to be stable.

A quick Google search indicates Rainmeter plugins can be either done in C# or C++. Is there no JSON libraries available in these languages?

I’d rather avoid having to code a full plugin, so far what I did was download the xml and then parse it using a regex (this is possible in vanilla Rainmeter). I can parse the json output as well, but as I said, the key ordering there changes sometimes, rendering my regex useless.

Kraken does not support XML

Also preffer XML, but what you can do. For “but the json keys are not guaranteed to be in order” you can parse by title, but this in future also can be changed :stuck_out_tongue: IF you have problems with JSON parser then just ask on stackoverflow. Im using DElphi and for me switching from XML to JSON was hard, but now all looks easy and better than XML.

Well I just resorted to using standard regex on the json object for now and just hope that twitch doesn’t change the key order too quickly again. It’s not difficult to change my regex and my measures to account for a new order (like 10 mins work), but it’s pretty annoying if i have to do it often^^

And as I said, Rainmeter doesn’t have an existing json parser yet, and I kinda don’t want to code one myself .

You can use Yahoo’s YQL Engine to transform JSON to XML