Loading stream information json into Glitch Twitchbot

It’ll take 3/5 minutes for the API to update to show you as live

Not sure what you are trying to do here.

That will return the users that chatterUID follows

I was trying to get the time that a user followed the channel to see how long they’ve been following but it seems like that fetch only returns 20 users. I did wait a couple of minutes for the API to update. My old fetch request with kraken API worked but the helix fetches had empty objects still.

Then you need to specify both from_id and to_id to get a single relationship.

Whats the channel you are looking up for the stream?

I’m not sure what you’re asking, the channel I’m trying to see how long the user has been following?


Since you need the channel to get the stream for your uptime command
And a channel to get the relations ship between the user and the channel.

So I have my current channel saved “38964404” and when a user types in chat I store their ID temporarily so I can input it into the fetch. User I was testing with was “51183689”

Doesn’t show as live

Sorry I took it offline, should show as online shortly.

Working as expected

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