Logging twitch chat for analysis?

Hi, I’m interested in logging the twitch chat of the post popular twich channels (at least 100) and using using the data for some sort of further analysis (e.g. finding commonly used phrases) I took a quick glance at the API docs and it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to access a channel’s chat directly, unless I’ve glanced over it. Is there a commonly accepted method (i.e. approved by admins) for doing this? Thanks!

i have also question - is possible to joins 100 channels from one IP? IF yes it shouldnt be hard. Are you wanna learn how to do it or just wanna application for that?

if it’s as simple as creating an IRC bot that logs channels it shouldn’t be too difficult, i’m just interested to see if it’s allowed to do it to begin with, or if there’s an alternative pathway through any APIs; and yes, your question is relevant because i’d like to be able to join at least 100 channels.

Dont understand. If you have code for chat. Just make it in loop for 100 channels and see if it works. For what you need API?

you can use read only chat then you dont need password or any strange oauth. Just log on using nick justinfan+RANDOM_NUMER eg justinfan5678

I don’t know what Twitch’s legal/privacy policies say about users logging and saving information from Twitch, but what you want is probably doable.
Here’s some info on connecting, and rate limits (you can’t join all 100 channels at once, look at the rate limits and spread out your JOIN requests over time to avoid hitting the limits)

There’s also a technical limitation with a server-side message queue, which Night explains here (more interesting discussion can be found in that thread about rate limits)