Mature Check workaround

Having a small issue which might be a wall I might not get over.
I’m writing a App that does not use mouse and all the events are triggered by keyDown / keyUp events and I’ve ran into a issue with the player. Its the mature check, I know its mandatory and I agree, but is there any way to trigger that confirmation without clicking it? I’ve tried everything. Accessing the IFRAME will be rejected because cross-origin-policy. I’ve checked into players prototype chain, which has a method isChannelMature() method on it, which return undefined and even if that returned a boolean for me, I cant still trigger the confirmation of the check.
So my question again, is there any possible way to bypass this? I have thousands of users and It would be a pity to close down the app because one step.

Thank you
Reemet Paabo

An app that intentionally circumvents the Mature Check will likely be a ToS violation. The point of a mature check is that it requires actual user interaction for them to confirm they can view it.

Yes, im aware of that and I intend to add user interaction do it, but I have to do it without mouse click. Therefor is there any methods to call for on confirmation & decline ? Could really use some support from developers here :frowning:

You likely wont get any help in trying to circumvent a security and safety measure.

I wouldn’t say im trying to “circumvent a security and safety measure” , I want to add it to my app as well, actually I even have to. Just would be nice if the player would give you some kind of event listener that will be triggered on maturity and then it would listen for a response. So its the same functionality as the " Start watching" button , but through an event.

Or even just add a keydown event listener to the button that listens for enter, i mean thats basicly same as onClick

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