mIRC + Mode Events

Ok then,
Do you guys know what is triggering usermodes while using mIRC?

i.imgur.com/drspqra.png (can’t just upload since I’m a new member)

I’ve tried:
on op
on deop
on mode
on rawmode
on serverop

Any suggestion?

It’s on rawmode. But rawmode simply takes the raw command and then you need to process it.

So for example:

on *:RAWMODE:#chan:{
if ($1 == +o) msg $chan $2 was just opped.

I’ve tried that and does work either.

EDIT It’s weird… sometimes works sometimes doesn’t.

Paste your code and I’ll see if I can notice what’s up for you.

on ^*:rawmode:#:{ 
  if ($1 == +o) { echo $chan  | echo -i44 $chan 01,14 $time(hh:nntt) 12 $str($chr(160),27) MOD   $2 | echo $chan  }
  elseif ($1 == -o) { echo $chan  | echo -i44 $chan 01,14 $time(hh:nntt) 12 $str($chr(160),25) UNMOD   $2 | echo $chan  }