Missing message when the bot is disconnecting

I have developed my bot and it works correctly, only I’m worried if one day it disconnects, of course, I have planned in my code all the instructions to keep the connection open, but if the evil happens and the bot reconnects, there will be messages that it will miss. Is there a way to recover them if yes by what means? and what is the recoverable period?
if the bot doesn’t send back the missed messages, does PubSub allow it?
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No there is no API or catch up system in place for missed messages

PubSub has no message retry facitlity for it’s own messages and chat doesn’t go over PubSub anyway

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I don’t understand the Pubsub documentation, can you give me an idea of the types of messages we received with Pubsub?

Another question please, does twitch have a webhook server like facebook and Instagram?

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  • Someone used bits aka Cheer’ed on a channel
  • Someone used channel points
  • a moderator did a moderator action
  • a users message was held for moderation
  • a users message was processed by moderation

Covers EventSub which overs a HTTPS POST transport for some data, refer to

for available topics.

I don’t know if this is like Facebook or Instagram. Since those tend to be locked behind weird app review processes for basic things so I don’t use them

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