Monetization setting will not save in new dashboard

I found that the “Will you monetize your Extension?” was set to “no” on my extension with the release of the new dashboard when it was previously set to “yes”. I recall that previously, once you set it to yes, you could not set it to no anymore.

I figured this out after seeing that Twitch.ext.bits.getProducts() was returning an empty response.

I keep setting this back to “yes” and hitting save and then it reverts back to “no” and so I cannot get getProducts() to return a response and I cannot get useBits() to call the bits dialog…

Any ideas?


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Hi @lvnick! Thanks for reporting. Our team investigated and we reverted back a small release from last week - can you please check again to see if this issue has been resolved for you? Apologies for the inconvenience.

It has resolved for me. I also had this issue.

Resolved for me! Thanks!